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2 Unfolding the Social Clash between Online and Non-Online Transportation Providers in Bandung

Authors: Latifah Putti Tiananda, Sasti Khoirunnisa, Taniadiana Yapwito, Jessica Noviena


Innovations are often met with two responses, acceptance or rejection. In the past few years, Indonesia is experiencing a revolution of transportation service, which utilizes online platform for its operation. Such improvement is welcomed by consumers and challenged by conventional or ‘non-online’ transportation providers simultaneously. Conflicts arise as the existence of this online transportation mode results in declining income of non-online transportation workers. Physical confrontations and demonstrations demand policing from central authority. However, the obscurity of legal measures from the government persists the social instability. Bandung, a city in West Java with the highest rate of online transportation usage, has recently issued a recommendation withholding the operation of online transportation services to maintain peace and order. Thus, this paper seeks to elaborate the social unrest between the two contesting transportation actors in Bandung and explore community-based approaches to solve this problem. Using qualitative research method, this paper will also feature in-depth interviews with directly involved sources from Bandung.

Keywords: Bandung, market competition, online transportation services, social unrest

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1 Variety and the Distribution of the Java Language Lexicon “Sleeping” in Jombang District East Java: Study of Geographic Dialectology

Authors: Krismonika Khoirunnisa


This research article aims to describe the variation of the Javanese lexicon "Sleep " and its distribution in the Jombang area, East Java. The objectives of this study were (1) to classify the variation of the "Sleep" lexicon in the Jombang area and (2) to design the fish rips for the variation of the "Sleep" lexicon according to their distribution. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study using the method of leading proficiency, namely conducting interviews with speakers without directly meeting the speakers (interviews via WhatsApp and email as the media). This research article uses techniques record as support and tools for mapping and classifying data, collecting data in this study conducted at four points, namely the Kaliwungu village (Jombang City), Banjardowo village (District of Jombang), Mayangan Village (Subdistrict Jogoroto), and Karobelah village (Subdistrict Mojoagung) as a target investigators to conduct the interview. This study uses the dialectology theory as a basis for analyzing the data obtained. The results of this study found that the Javanese language variation "Sleep" has many different linguals, meanings, and forms even though they are in the same area (Jombang).

Keywords: geographical dialectology, lexicon variations, jombangan dialect, sssavanese language

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