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5 Study and Solving Partial Differential Equation of Danel Equation in the Vibration Shells

Authors: Hesamoddin Abdollahpour, Roghayeh Abdollahpour, Elham Rahgozar


This paper we deal with an analysis of the free vibrations of the governing partial differential equation that it is Danel equation in the shells. The problem considered represents the governing equation of the nonlinear, large amplitude free vibrations of the hinged shell. A new implementation of the new method is presented to obtain natural frequency and corresponding displacement on the shell. Our purpose is to enhance the ability to solve the mentioned complicated partial differential equation (PDE) with a simple and innovative approach. The results reveal that this new method to solve Danel equation is very effective and simple, and can be applied to other nonlinear partial differential equations. It is necessary to mention that there are some valuable advantages in this way of solving nonlinear differential equations and also most of the sets of partial differential equations can be answered in this manner which in the other methods they have not had acceptable solutions up to now. We can solve equation(s), and consequently, there is no need to utilize similarity solutions which make the solution procedure a time-consuming task.

Keywords: large amplitude, free vibrations, analytical solution, Danell Equation, diagram of phase plane

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4 Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Square Cavity

Authors: Mohammadreza Sedighi, Mohammad Said Saidi, Hesamoddin Salarian


A numerical study has been performed to investigate the effect of using different turbulent models on natural convection flow field and temperature distributions in partially heated square cavity compare to benchmark. The temperature of the right vertical wall is lower than that of heater while other walls are insulated. The commercial CFD codes are used to model. Standard k-w model provided good agreement with the experimental data.

Keywords: Buoyancy, Cavity, CFD, Heat Transfer, Natural Convection, Turbulence

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3 A Study of Flow near the Leading Edge of a Flat Plate by New Idea in Analytical Methods

Authors: M. R. Akbari, S. Akbari, L. Abdollahpour


The present paper is concerned with calculating the 2-dimensional velocity profile of a viscous flow for an incompressible fluid along the leading edge of a flat plate by using the continuity and motion equations with a simple and innovative approach. A Comparison between Numerical method and AGM has been made and the results have been revealed that AGM is very accurate and easy and can be applied for a wide variety of nonlinear problems. It is notable that most of the differential equations can be solved in this approach which in the other approaches they do not have this capability. Moreover, there are some valuable benefits in this method of solving differential equations, for instance: Without any dimensionless procedure, we can solve many differential equation(s), that is, differential equations are directly solvable by this method. In addition, it is not necessary to convert variables into new ones. According to the afore-mentioned expressions which will be proved in this literature, the process of solving nonlinear differential equation(s) will be very simple and convenient in contrast to the other approaches.

Keywords: leading edge, new idea, flat plate, incompressible fluid

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2 Evaluation of Dynamic and Vibrational Analysis of the Double Chambered Cylinder along Thermal Interactions

Authors: Mohammadreza Akbari, Leila Abdollahpour, Sara Akbari, Pooya Soleimani


Transferring thermo at the field of solid materials for instance tube-shaped structures, causing dynamical vibration at them. Majority of thermal and fluid processes are done engineering science at solid materials, for example, thermo-transferred pipes, fluids, chemical and nuclear reactors, include thermal processes, so, they need to consider the moment solid-fundamental structural strength unto these thermal interactions. Fluid and thermo retentive materials in front of external force to it like thermodynamical force, hydrodynamical force and static force continuously according to a function of time vibrated, and this action causes relative displacement of the structural materials elements, as a result, the moment resistance analysis preservation materials in thermal processes, the most important parameters for design are discussed. Including structural substrate holder temperature and fluid of the administrative and industrial center, is a cylindrical tube that for vibration analysis of cylindrical cells with heat and fluid transfer requires the use of vibration differential equations governing the structure of a tubular and thermal differential equations as the vibrating motive force at double-glazed cylinders.

Keywords: heat transfer, elements in cylindrical coordinates, analytical solving the governing equations, structural vibration

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1 Expression Patterns of mir181a and mir30d in Patients with Breast Cancer

Authors: Alireza Tavakolpournegari, Mehrdad Hashemi, Shohreh Zare Karizi, Arash Matin Ahmadi, Seyed Hesamoddin Bidoki, Gooya Banaei


Background: Breast cancer is common cancer among women in the world. One of the important molecular pathways in breast cancer is the PTEN-PI3K-AKT pathway. Any change in the activity of the PTEN gene can alter the PI3K-AKT pathway. Moreover, there are subsets of genes and pathways whose expression changes by post-transcriptional regulations. For instance, gene regulation alters by non-coding RNAs such as micro-RNAs as post-transcriptional regulators that prevent the expression of the target transcript. Therefore, it is essential to assess the related alterations in micro-RNA expression patterns to find out the possible causes of conversions in related transcripts and pathways, such as the PTEN-PI3K-AKT pathway in breast cancer. Methods: To determine the expression level of miR-181a and miR-30d in 30 breast tumor samples and 30 adjacent normal samples, the RNA extraction, and cDNA synthesis were performed by RiboEx (GeneAll, Korea). Finally, the Real-Time PCR method was used for quantitative analysis of the expression levels of these miRNAs. Results: After analyzing comparisons in the expression level of miR-181a and miR-30d in tumor and normal tissues, it was found that there was a significant increase in the expression level of miR-181a in tumor samples compared with normal samples. Also, the expression level of miR-30d in tumor samples reported a significant decrease in comparison with normal samples (P<0.05). Conclusion: In this study, we concluded that upregulation of miR-181a may affect the transcription of the PTEN gene resulting in the cell progress to cancer. The Downregulation of miR-30d may also lead to cancer cell growth due to a reduction in the affecting of the CREB gene transcript.

Keywords: breast cancer, micro RNAs, real-time PCR, post-transcriptional regulation

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