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Void-Free Bonding of Si/Ti/Ni Power Integrated Circuit Chips with Direct Bonding Copper Alumina Substrates through Ag3Sn Intermetallic Interlayer

Authors: Kuan-Yu Chiu, Yin-Hsuan Chen, Tung-Han Chuang


Ti/Ni/Ag/Sn-metallized Si chips were bonded to Ni/Pd/Au-surface finished DBC (Direct Bonding Copper) alumina substrate through the formation of an Ag3Sn intermetallic interlayer by solid–liquid interdiffusion bonding method. The results indicated that the holes and gaps at the bonding interface could be effectively prevented. The intermetallic phases at the bonding interface between the Si/Ti/Ni/Ag/Sn wafer and the DBC substrate were identified as Ag3Sn, Ni3Sn4, and Ni3Sn2. The average bonding strength was about 19.75 MPa, and the maximum bonding strength reached 35.24 MPa.

Keywords: BGBM, Backside Grinding and Backside Metallization, SLID bonding, Solid–liquid Interdiffusion Bonding, Si/Ti/Ni/Sn, Si/Ti/Ni/Ag/Sn, intermetallic compound.

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