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2 Effect of Thermal Annealing Used in the Hydrothermal Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide on Its Electrochemical Properties As Li-Ion Electrode

Authors: Gabouze Nourredine, Saloua Merazga


Due to their exceptional durability, low-cost, high-power density, and reliability, cathodes based on titanium dioxide, and more specifically spinel LTO (Li4Ti5O12), present an attractive alternative to conventional lithium cathode materials for multiple applications. The aim of this work is to synthesize and characterize the nanopowders of titanium dioxide (TiO₂) and lithium titanate (Li₄Ti5O₁₂) by the hydrothermal method and to use them as a cathode in a lithium-ion battery. The structural and morphological characterizations of the synthesized powders were performed by XRD, SEM, EDS, and FTIR-ATR. Nevertheless, the study of the electrochemical performances of the elaborated electrode materials was carried out by: cyclic voltametry (CV) and galvanostatic charge/discharge (CDG). The prepared electrode by the powder annealed at 800 °C has a good specific capacity of about 173 mAh/g and a good cyclic stability

Keywords: lithuim-ion, battery, LTO, tio2, capacity

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1 Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties Study of New Magnetic Materials

Authors: Messai Amel, Badis Zakaria, Benali-Cherif Nourredine, Dominique Luneaub


We are interested in molecular polymetallic species having high spin and nuclearities in relation to the field of so call single-molecule magnets (SMMs). The goal is to find a way to synthesis metal clusters which may have application in magnetism and nano sciences. With this purpose, we decided to investigate the coordination chemistry of the Schiff base. Along this way we were able to create cubane-like complexes and elaborate new Single Molecule-Magnets. The idea was to use Schiff base ligands and different metals to generate high nuclear complexes. Complexation of Shiff base with copper (II) has been investigated. Tetra nuclear complex with a cubane like core have been synthesized with (Sciff base), with the same base and cobalt (II) we obtain an other single magnetic complex completely different. In this presentation, we report the synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of the tetranuclear compound (Cu4 L4), and the tetranuclear compound. (Co4L4)

Keywords: cluster-assembled materials, magnetic compounds, Sciff base, cupper, cobalt

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