Conformal Invariance in F (R, T) Gravity
Commenced in January 2007
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Conformal Invariance in F (R, T) Gravity

Authors: Pyotr Tsyba, Olga Razina, Ertan Güdekli, Ratbay Myrzakulov


In this paper we consider the equation of motion for the F (R, T) gravity on their property of conformal invariance. It is shown that in the general case, such a theory is not conformal invariant. Studied special cases for the functions v and u in which can appear properties of the theory. Also we consider cosmological aspects F (R, T) theory of gravity, having considered particular case F (R, T) = μR+νT^2. Showed that in this case there is a nonlinear dependence of the parameter equation of state from time to time, which affects its evolution.

Keywords: Conformally invariance, F (R, T) gravity, metric FRW, equation of motion, dark energy.

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