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Physico-chemical State of the Air at the Stagnation Point during the Atmospheric Reentry of a Spacecraft

Authors: Rabah Haoui


Hypersonic flows around spatial vehicles during their reentry phase in planetary atmospheres are characterized by intense aerothermal phenomena. The aim of this work is to analyze high temperature flows around an axisymmetric blunt body taking into account chemical and vibrational non-equilibrium for air mixture species. For this purpose, a finite volume methodology is employed to determine the supersonic flow parameters around the axisymmetric blunt body, especially at the stagnation point and along the wall of spacecraft for several altitudes. This allows the capture shock wave before a blunt body placed in supersonic free stream. The numerical technique uses the Flux Vector Splitting method of Van Leer. Here, adequate time stepping parameter, along with CFL coefficient and mesh size level are selected to ensure numerical convergence, sought with an order of 10-8

Keywords: Chemical kinetic, dissociation, finite volumes, frozen, hypersonic flow, non-equilibrium, Reactive flow, supersonicflow , vibration.

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