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Molar Excess Volumes and Excess Isentropic Compressibilities of Ternary Mixtures Containing 2-Pyrrolidinone

Authors: Jaibir S. Yadav, Dimple, Vinod K. Sharma


Molar excess Volumes, VE ijk and speeds of sound , uijk of 2-pyrrolidinone (i) + benzene or toluene (j) + ethanol (k) ternary mixture have been measured as a function of composition at 308.15 K. The observed speeds of sound data have been utilized to determine excess isentropic compressiblities, ( E S κ )ijk of ternary (i + j + k) mixtures. Molar excess volumes, VE ijk and excess isentropic compressibilities, ( E S κ )ijk data have fitted to the Redlich-Kister equation to calculate ternary adjustable parameters and standard deviations. The Moelywn-Huggins concept (Huggins in Polymer 12: 389-399, 1971) of connectivity between the surfaces of the constituents of binary mixtures has been extended to ternary mixtures (using the concept of a connectivity parameter of third degree of molecules, 3ξ , which inturn depends on its topology) to obtain an expression that describes well the measured VE ijk and ( E S κ )ijk data.

Keywords: Connectivity parameter of third degree, , Excess isentropic compressibilities, ( ES κ )ijk, Interaction energy parameter, χ, Molar excess volumes, VEijk, Speeds of sound, uijk.

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