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Prediction of Coast Down Time for Mechanical Faults in Rotating Machinery Using Artificial Neural Networks

Authors: G. R. Rameshkumar, B. V. A Rao, K. P. Ramachandran


Misalignment and unbalance are the major concerns in rotating machinery. When the power supply to any rotating system is cutoff, the system begins to lose the momentum gained during sustained operation and finally comes to rest. The exact time period from when the power is cutoff until the rotor comes to rest is called Coast Down Time. The CDTs for different shaft cutoff speeds were recorded at various misalignment and unbalance conditions. The CDT reduction percentages were calculated for each fault and there is a specific correlation between the CDT reduction percentage and the severity of the fault. In this paper, radial basis network, a new generation of artificial neural networks, has been successfully incorporated for the prediction of CDT for misalignment and unbalance conditions. Radial basis network has been found to be successful in the prediction of CDT for mechanical faults in rotating machinery.

Keywords: Coast Down Time, Misalignment, Unbalance, Artificial Neural Networks, Radial Basis Network.

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