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Optimization of Gentamicin Production: Comparison of ANN and RSM Techniques

Authors: M.Rajasimman, S.Subathra


In this work, statistical experimental design was applied for the optimization of medium constituents for Gentamicin production by Micromsonospora echinospora subs pallida (MTCC 708) in a batch reactor and the results are compared with the ANN predicted values. By central composite design, 50 experiments are carried out for five test variables: Starch, Soya bean meal, K2HPO4, CaCO3 and FeSO4. The optimum condition was found to be: Starch (8.9,g/L), Soya bean meal (3.3 g/L), K2HPO4 (0.8 g/L), CaCO3 (4 g/L) and FeSO4 (0.03 g/L). At these optimized conditions, the yield of gentamicin was found to be 1020 mg/L. The R2 values were found to be 1 for ANN training set, 0.9953 for ANN test set, and 0.9286 for RSM.

Keywords: Gentamicin, optimization, Micromonospora echinospora, ANN, RSM

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