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Photocatalytic and Sonophotocatalytic Degradation of Reactive Red 120 using Dye Sensitized TiO2 under Visible Light

Authors: S.K.Kavitha, P.N.Palanisamy


The accelerated sonophotocatalytic degradation of Reactive Red (RR) 120 dye under visible light using dye sensitized TiO2 activated by ultrasound has been carried out. The effect of sonolysis, photocatalysis and sonophotocatalysis under visible light has been examined to study the influence on the degradation rates by varying the initial substrate concentration, pH and catalyst loading to ascertain the synergistic effect on the degradation techniques. Ultrasonic activation contributes degradation through cavitation leading to the splitting of H2O2 produced by both photocatalysis and sonolysis. This results in the formation of oxidative species, such as singlet oxygen (1O2) and superoxide (O2 -‚óŹ) radicals in the presence of oxygen. The increase in the amount of reactive radical species which induce faster oxidation of the substrate and degradation of intermediates and also the deaggregation of the photocatalyst are responsible for the synergy observed under sonication. A comparative study of photocatalysis and sonophotocatalysis using TiO2, Hombikat UV 100 and ZnO was also carried out.

Keywords: Photocatalysis, Reactive Red 120, Sonophotocatalysis, Sonolysis.

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