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Application of Femtosecond Laser pulses for Nanometer Accuracy Profiling of Quartz and Diamond Substrates and for Multi-Layered Targets and Thin-Film Conductors Processing

Authors: Dmitry S. Sitnikov, Andrey V. Ovchinnikov


Research results and optimal parameters investigation of laser cut and profiling of diamond and quartz substrates by femtosecond laser pulses are presented. Profiles 10 μm in width, ~25 μm in depth and several millimeters long were made. Investigation of boundaries quality has been carried out with the use of AFM «Vecco». Possibility of technological formation of profiles and micro-holes in diamond and quartz substrates with nanometer-scale boundaries is shown. Experimental results of multilayer dielectric cover treatment are also presented. Possibility of precise upper layer (thickness of 70–140 nm) removal is demonstrated. Processes of thin metal film (60 nm and 350 nm thick) treatment are considered. Isolation tracks (conductance ~ 10-11 S) 1.6–2.5 μm in width in conductive metal layers are formed.

Keywords: Femtosecond laser ablation, microhole and nanoprofileformation, micromachining

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