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Multi-view Description of Real-Time Systems- Architecture

Authors: A. Bessam, M. T. Kimour


Real-time embedded systems should benefit from component-based software engineering to handle complexity and deal with dependability. In these systems, applications should not only be logically correct but also behave within time windows. However, in the current component based software engineering approaches, a few of component models handles time properties in a manner that allows efficient analysis and checking at the architectural level. In this paper, we present a meta-model for component-based software description that integrates timing issues. To achieve a complete functional model of software components, our meta-model focuses on four functional aspects: interface, static behavior, dynamic behavior, and interaction protocol. With each aspect we have explicitly associated a time model. Such a time model can be used to check a component-s design against certain properties and to compute the timing properties of component assemblies.

Keywords: Software Architecture, Real-Time Systems, dependability, metamodeling, software component, ADL, time properties

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