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Energy Efficient In-Network Data Processing in Sensor Networks

Authors: Prakash G L, Thejaswini M, S H Manjula, K R Venugopal, L M Patnaik


The Sensor Network consists of densely deployed sensor nodes. Energy optimization is one of the most important aspects of sensor application design. Data acquisition and aggregation techniques for processing data in-network should be energy efficient. Due to the cross-layer design, resource-limited and noisy nature of Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs), it is challenging to study the performance of these systems in a realistic setting. In this paper, we propose optimizing queries by aggregation of data and data redundancy to reduce energy consumption without requiring all sensed data and directed diffusion communication paradigm to achieve power savings, robust communication and processing data in-network. To estimate the per-node power consumption POWERTossim mica2 energy model is used, which provides scalable and accurate results. The performance analysis shows that the proposed methods overcomes the existing methods in the aspects of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks.

Keywords: Data Aggregation, Directed Diffusion, Partial Aggregation, Packet Merging, Query Plan.

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