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Ageing Assessment of Insulation Systems by Absorption/Resorption Currents

Authors: Petru V. Notingher, Stefan Busoi, Laurentiu M. Dumitran, Cristina Stancu, Gabriel Tanasescu, Emanuel Balescu


Degradation of polymeric insulation systems of electrical equipments increases the space charge density and the concentration of electrical dipoles. By consequence, the maximum values and the slopes of absorption/resorption (A/R) currents can change with insulation systems ageing. In this paper, an analysis of the nature of the A/R currents and the importance of their components, especially the polarization current and the current given by the space charge, is presented. The experimental study concerns the A/R currents measurements of plane samples (made from CALMICAGLAS tapes), virgin and thermally accelerated aged. The obtained results show that the ageing process produces an increase of the values and a decrease of shapes of the A/R currents. Finally, the possibility of estimating insulations ageing state and lifetime from A/R currents measurements is discussed.

Keywords: Insulation Systems, Absorption/Resorption Currents, Ageing, Lifetime.

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