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Experimental Investigation on Solid Concentration in Gas-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed for Methanol-to-Olefins Process

Authors: Biao Wang, Tao Li, Qi-Wen Sun, Wei-Yong Ying, Ding-Ye Fang


Methanol-to-olefins coupled with transformation of coal or natural gas to methanol gives an interesting and promising way to produce ethylene and propylene. To investigate solid concentration in gas-solid fluidized bed for methanol-to-olefins process catalyzed by SAPO-34, a cold model experiment system is established in this paper. The system comprises a gas distributor in a 300mm internal diameter and 5000mm height acrylic column, the fiber optic probe system and series of cyclones. The experiments are carried out at ambient conditions and under different superficial gas velocity ranging from 0.3930m/s to 0.7860m/s and different initial bed height ranging from 600mm to 1200mm. The effects of radial distance, axial distance, superficial gas velocity, initial bed height on solid concentration in the bed are discussed. The effects of distributor shape and porosity on solid concentration are also discussed. The time-averaged solid concentration profiles under different conditions are obtained.

Keywords: Branched pipe distributor, distributor porosity, gas-solid fluidized bed, solid concentration.

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