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Real-time 3D Feature Extraction without Explicit 3D Object Reconstruction

Authors: Kwangjin Hong, Chulhan Lee, Keechul Jung, Kyoungsu Oh


For the communication between human and computer in an interactive computing environment, the gesture recognition is studied vigorously. Therefore, a lot of studies have proposed efficient methods about the recognition algorithm using 2D camera captured images. However, there is a limitation to these methods, such as the extracted features cannot fully represent the object in real world. Although many studies used 3D features instead of 2D features for more accurate gesture recognition, the problem, such as the processing time to generate 3D objects, is still unsolved in related researches. Therefore we propose a method to extract the 3D features combined with the 3D object reconstruction. This method uses the modified GPU-based visual hull generation algorithm which disables unnecessary processes, such as the texture calculation to generate three kinds of 3D projection maps as the 3D feature: a nearest boundary, a farthest boundary, and a thickness of the object projected on the base-plane. In the section of experimental results, we present results of proposed method on eight human postures: T shape, both hands up, right hand up, left hand up, hands front, stand, sit and bend, and compare the computational time of the proposed method with that of the previous methods.

Keywords: Computer Vision, Gesture Recognition, Fast 3D Feature Extraction

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