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Inhibition Kinetic Determination of Trace Amounts of Ruthenium(III) by the Spectrophotometric method with Rhodamine B in Micellar Medium

Authors: Mohsen Keyvanfard


A new, simple and highly sensitive kinetic spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of trace amounts of Ru(III) in the range of 0.06-20 ng/ml .The method is based on the inhibitory effect of ruthenium(III) on the oxidation of Rhodamine B by bromate in acidic and micellar medium. The reaction was monitored spectrophotometrically by measuring the decreasing in absorbance of Rhodamine B at 554 nm with a fixedtime method..The limit of detection is 0.04 ng/ml Ru(III).The relative standard deviation of 5 and 10 ng/ml Ru(III) was 2.3 and 2.7 %, respectively. The method was applied to the determination of ruthenium in real water samples

Keywords: Ruthenium ;Inhibitory; Rhodamine B; bromate

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