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Predicting Radiative Heat Transfer in Arbitrary Two and Three-Dimensional Participating Media

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Bordbar, Timo Hyppänen


The radiative exchange method is introduced as a numerical method for the simulation of radiative heat transfer in an absorbing, emitting and isotropically scattering media. In this method, the integro-differential radiative balance equation is solved by using a new introduced concept for the exchange factor. Even though the radiative source term is calculated in a mesh structure that is coarser than the structure used in computational fluid dynamics, calculating the exchange factor between different coarse elements by using differential integration elements makes the result of the method close to that of integro-differential radiative equation. A set of equations for calculating exchange factors in two and threedimensional Cartesian coordinate system is presented, and the method is used in the simulation of radiative heat transfer in twodimensional rectangular case and a three-dimensional simple cube. The result of using this method in simulating different cases is verified by comparing them with those of using other numerical radiative models.

Keywords: Numerical Simulation, Exchange factor, Thermal radiation

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