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New EEM/BEM Hybrid Method for Electric Field Calculation in Cable Joints

Authors: Nebojsa B. Raicevic, Slavoljub R. Aleksic, Sasa S. Ilic


A power cable is widely used for power supply in power distributing networks and power transmission lines. Due to limitations in the production, delivery and setting up power cables, they are produced and delivered in several separate lengths. Cable itself, consists of two cable terminations and arbitrary number of cable joints, depending on the cable route length. Electrical stress control is needed to prevent a dielectric breakdown at the end of the insulation shield in both the air and cable insulation. Reliability of cable joint depends on its materials, design, installation and operating environment. The paper describes design and performance results for new modeled cable joints. Design concepts, based on numerical calculations, must be correct. An Equivalent Electrodes Method/Boundary Elements Method-hybrid approach that allows electromagnetic field calculations in multilayer dielectric media, including inhomogeneous regions, is presented.

Keywords: cable joints, electric field distribution, deflector's cones, equivalent electrodemethod

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