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In situ Observation of the State and Stability of Hemoglobin Adsorbed onto Glass Surface by Slab Optical Waveguide (SOWG) Spectroscopy

Authors: Akiko Takatsu, Kenji Kato, Naoki Matsuda, Masayoshi Matsui, Akiko Nakahara


The state and stability of hemoglobin adsorbed on the glass surface was investigated using slab optical waveguide (SOWG) spectroscopy. The peak position of the absorption band of hemoglobin adsorbed on the glass surface was same as that of the hemoglobin in solution. This result suggests that no significant denaturation occurred by adsorption. The adsorption of hemoglobin is relatively strong that the hemoglobin molecules even remained adsorbed after rinsing the cell with buffer solution. The peak shift caused by the reduction of adsorbed hemoglobin was also observed.

Keywords: Reduction, hemoglobin, slab optical waveguide spectroscopy, solid/liquid interface

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