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High Level Characterization and Optimization of Switched-Current Sigma-Delta Modulators with VHDL-AMS

Authors: M. Loulou, N. Masmoudi, A. Fakhfakh, N. Ksentini, J. J. Charlot


Today, design requirements are extending more and more from electronic (analogue and digital) to multidiscipline design. These current needs imply implementation of methodologies to make the CAD product reliable in order to improve time to market, study costs, reusability and reliability of the design process. This paper proposes a high level design approach applied for the characterization and the optimization of Switched-Current Sigma- Delta Modulators. It uses the new hardware description language VHDL-AMS to help the designers to optimize the characteristics of the modulator at a high level with a considerably reduced CPU time before passing to a transistor level characterization.

Keywords: Optimization, high level design, switched-Current Sigma-Delta Modulators, VHDL-AMS

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