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Visual Cryptography by Random Grids with Identifiable Shares

Authors: Ran-Zan Wang, Yao-Ting Lee


This paper proposes a visual cryptography by random grids scheme with identifiable shares. The method encodes an image O in two shares that exhibits the following features: (1) each generated share has the same scale as O, (2) any share singly has noise-like appearance that reveals no secret information on O, (3) the secrets can be revealed by superimposing the two shares, (4) folding a share up can disclose some identification patterns, and (5) both of the secret information and the designated identification patterns are recognized by naked eye without any computation. The property to show up identification patterns on folded shares establishes a simple and friendly interface for users to manage the numerous shares created by VC schemes.

Keywords: Secret sharing, Image Encryption, visual cryptography, Image Sharing

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