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Detached-Eddy Simulation of Vortex Generator Jet Using Chimera Grids

Authors: Saqib Mahmood, Rolf Radespiel


This paper aims at numerically analysing the effect of an active flow control (AFC) by a vortex generator jet (VGJ) submerged in a boundary layer via Chimera Grids and Detached- Eddy Simulation (DES). The performance of DES results are judged against Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) and compared with the experiments that showed an unsteady vortex motion downstream of VGJ. Experimental results showed that the mechanism of embedding logitudinal vortex structure in the main stream flow is quite effective in increasing the near wall momentum of separated aircraft wing. In order to simulate such a flow configuration together with the VGJ, an efficient numerical approach is required. This requirement is fulfilled by performing the DES simulation over the flat plate using the DLR TAU Code. The DES predictions identify the vortex region via smooth hybrid length scale and predict the unsteady vortex motion observed in the experiments. The DES results also showed that the sufficient grid refinement in the vortex region resolves the turbulent scales downstream of the VGJ, the spatial vortex core postion and nondimensional momentum coefficient RVx .

Keywords: DES, RANS, VGJ, Chimera Grid

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