Commenced in January 2007
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Comparison Mechanical and Chemical Treatments on Properties of Low Yield Bagasse Pulp During Recycling

Authors: Parizad Sheikhi, Mohammad Talaeipour


the effects of refining and alkaline chemicals on potential of recycling bleached chemical pulp of bagasse were investigated in this study. Recycling was done until three times. Handsheet properties such as, apparent density, light scattering coefficient, tear index, burst index, breaking length, and fold number according to TAPPI standard were measured. Water retention value also was used to considering the treatments during recycling. Refining enhanced the strength of recycled pulp by increasing fiber flexibility and swelling ability, whereas by applying chemical treatment didn't observe any improvement. The morphology of recycled fiber was considered with scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Keywords: Recycling, refining, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Chemical Treatment, Bagasse pulp, water retention value

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