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The Spanning Laceability of k-ary n-cubes when k is Even

Authors: Shin-Shin Kao, Yuan-Kang Shih, Shu-Li Chang


Qk n has been shown as an alternative to the hypercube family. For any even integer k ≥ 4 and any integer n ≥ 2, Qk n is a bipartite graph. In this paper, we will prove that given any pair of vertices, w and b, from different partite sets of Qk n, there exist 2n internally disjoint paths between w and b, denoted by {Pi | 0 ≤ i ≤ 2n-1}, such that 2n-1 i=0 Pi covers all vertices of Qk n. The result is optimal since each vertex of Qk n has exactly 2n neighbors.

Keywords: Hamiltonian, container, k-ary n-cube, m*-connected

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