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Noise-Improved Signal Detection in Nonlinear Threshold Systems

Authors: Youguo Wang, Lenan Wu


We discuss the signal detection through nonlinear threshold systems. The detection performance is assessed by the probability of error Per . We establish that: (1) when the signal is complete suprathreshold, noise always degrades the signal detection both in the single threshold system and in the parallel array of threshold devices. (2) When the signal is a little subthreshold, noise degrades signal detection in the single threshold system. But in the parallel array, noise can improve signal detection, i.e., stochastic resonance (SR) exists in the array. (3) When the signal is predominant subthreshold, noise always can improve signal detection and SR always exists not only in the single threshold system but also in the parallel array. (4) Array can improve signal detection by raising the number of threshold devices. These results extend further the applicability of SR in signal detection.

Keywords: Probability of error, signal detection, stochasticresonance, threshold system.

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