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Near-Lossless Image Coding based on Orthogonal Polynomials

Authors: Krishnamoorthy R, Rajavijayalakshmi K, Punidha R


In this paper, a near lossless image coding scheme based on Orthogonal Polynomials Transform (OPT) has been presented. The polynomial operators and polynomials basis operators are obtained from set of orthogonal polynomials functions for the proposed transform coding. The image is partitioned into a number of distinct square blocks and the proposed transform coding is applied to each of these individually. After applying the proposed transform coding, the transformed coefficients are rearranged into a sub-band structure. The Embedded Zerotree (EZ) coding algorithm is then employed to quantize the coefficients. The proposed transform is implemented for various block sizes and the performance is compared with existing Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) transform coding scheme.

Keywords: Near-lossless Coding, Orthogonal Polynomials Transform, Embedded Zerotree Coding

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