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Effective Digital Music Retrieval System through Content-based Features

Authors: Bokyung Sung, Kwanghyo Koo, Jungsoo Kim, Myung-Bum Jung, Jinman Kwon, Ilju Ko


In this paper, we propose effective system for digital music retrieval. We divided proposed system into Client and Server. Client part consists of pre-processing and Content-based feature extraction stages. In pre-processing stage, we minimized Time code Gap that is occurred among same music contents. As content-based feature, first-order differentiated MFCC were used. These presented approximately envelop of music feature sequences. Server part included Music Server and Music Matching stage. Extracted features from 1,000 digital music files were stored in Music Server. In Music Matching stage, we found retrieval result through similarity measure by DTW. In experiment, we used 450 queries. These were made by mixing different compression standards and sound qualities from 50 digital music files. Retrieval accurate indicated 97% and retrieval time was average 15ms in every single query. Out experiment proved that proposed system is effective in retrieve digital music and robust at various user environments of web.

Keywords: content-based, Music Retrieval, Music Feature and Digital Music

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