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Efficient Feature-Based Registration for CT-M R Images Based on NSCT and PSO

Authors: Nemir Al-Azzawi, Harsa A. Mat Sakim, Wan Ahmed K. Wan Abdullah, Yasmin Mohd Yacob


Feature-based registration is an effective technique for clinical use, because it can greatly reduce computational costs. However, this technique, which estimates the transformation by using feature points extracted from two images, may cause misalignments. To handle with this limitation, we propose to extract the salient edges and extracted control points (CP) of medical images by using efficiency of multiresolution representation of data nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) that finds the best feature points. The MR images were first decomposed using the NSCT, and then Edge and CP were extracted from bandpass directional subband of NSCT coefficients and some proposed rules. After edge and CP extraction, mutual information was adopted for the registration of feature points and translation parameters are calculated by using particle swarm optimization (PSO). The experimental results showed that the proposed method produces totally accurate performance for registration medical CT-MR images.

Keywords: Feature-based registration, mutual information, nonsubsampled contourlet transform, particle swarm optimization.

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