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InAlGaN Quaternary Multi-Quantum Wells UVLaser Diode Performance and Characterization

Authors: S. M. Thahab, H. Abu Hassan, Z. Hassan


The InAlGaN alloy has only recently began receiving serious attention into its growth and application. High quality InGaN films have led to the development of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and blue laser diodes (LDs). The quaternary InAlGaN however, represents a more versatile material since the bandgap and lattice constant can be independently varied. We report an ultraviolet (UV) quaternary InAlGaN multi-quantum wells (MQWs) LD study by using the simulation program of Integrated System Engineering (ISE TCAD). Advanced physical models of semiconductor properties were used in order to obtain an optimized structure. The device performance which is affected by piezoelectric and thermal effects was studied via drift-diffusion model for carrier transport, optical gain and loss. The optical performance of the UV LD with different numbers of quantum wells was numerically investigated. The main peak of the emission wavelength for double quantum wells (DQWs) was shifted from 358 to 355.8 nm when the forward current was increased. Preliminary simulated results indicated that better output performance and lower threshold current could be obtained when the quantum number is four, with output power of 130 mW and threshold current of 140 mA.

Keywords: Nitride semiconductors, InAlGaN quaternary, UVLD, numerical simulation.

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