The Comparison Study of Current Control Techniques for Active Power Filters
Commenced in January 2007
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The Comparison Study of Current Control Techniques for Active Power Filters

Authors: T. Narongrit, K-L. Areerak, K-N. Areerak


This paper presents the comparison study of current control techniques for shunt active power filter. The hysteresis current control, the delta modulation control and the carrier-based PWM control are considered in the paper. The synchronous detection method is used to calculate the reference currents for shunt active power filter. The simulation results show that the carrier-based PWM control technique provides the minimum %THD value of the source currents compared with other comparable techniques after compensation. However, the %THD values of all three techniques can follow the IEEE std.519-1992.

Keywords: hysteresis current control, delta modulation current control, pulse width modulation control, shunt active power filter, synchronous detection.

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