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Carbothermic Reduction of Mechanically Activated Mixtures of Celestite and Carbon

Authors: N.Setoudeh, M. Ali Askari Zamani, N.J.Welham


The effect of dry milling on the carbothermic reduction of celestite was investigated. Mixtures of celestite concentrate (98% SrSO4) and activated carbon (99% carbon) was milled for 1 and 24 hours in a planetary ball mill. Un-milled and milled mixtures and their products after carbothermic reduction were studied by a combination of XRD and TGA/DTA experiments. The thermogravimetric analyses and XRD results showed that by milling celestite-carbon mixtures for one hour, the formation temperature of strontium sulfide decreased from about 720°C (in un-milled sample) to about 600°C, after 24 hours milling it decreased to 530°C. It was concluded that milling induces increasingly thorough mixing of the reactants to reduction occurring at lower temperatures

Keywords: Activated carbon, Celestite, Ball milling, Carbothermic reduction, Strontium sulfide.

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