Immune Responce in Mice Immunized with Live Cold-Adapted Influenza Vaccine in Combination with Chitosan-Based Adjuvants
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Immune Responce in Mice Immunized with Live Cold-Adapted Influenza Vaccine in Combination with Chitosan-Based Adjuvants

Authors: Nelly К. Akhmatova, Оlga V. Lebedinskaya, Ancha V. Baranova, Еlena А. Lebedinskaya, Ekaterina V. Sorokina, Elvin А. Akhmatov, Аnatoliy P. Godovalov, Stanislav G. Markushin


An influence of intranasal combined injection of live cold-adapted influenza vaccine with chitosan derivatives as adjuvants on the subpopulation structure of mononuclear leukocytes of mouse spleen which reflects the orientation of the immune response was studied. It is found that the inclusion of chitosan preparations promotes activation of cellular-level of immune response.

Keywords: Immunophenotype, chitosan, cold-adapted vaccine, intranasal injection.

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