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Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Drive

Authors: P.Tripura, Y.Srinivasa Kishore Babu


This paper presents an intelligent speed control system based on fuzzy logic for a voltage source PWM inverter-fed indirect vector controlled induction motor drive. Traditional indirect vector control system of induction motor introduces conventional PI regulator in outer speed loop; it is proved that the low precision of the speed regulator debases the performance of the whole system. To overcome this problem, replacement of PI controller by an intelligent controller based on fuzzy set theory is proposed. The performance of the intelligent controller has been investigated through digital simulation using MATLAB-SIMULINK package for different operating conditions such as sudden change in reference speed and load torque. The simulation results demonstrate that the performance of the proposed controller is better than that of the conventional PI controller.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent controllers, Conventional PI controller, Induction motor drives, indirect vector control, Speed control

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