Floating Offshore Wind: A Review of Installation Vessel Requirements
Commenced in January 2007
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Floating Offshore Wind: A Review of Installation Vessel Requirements

Authors: A. P. Crowle


Floating offshore wind farms may provide in the future large quantities of renewable energy. One of the challenges to their future development is the provision of installation vessels for the offshore installation of floating wind turbines. This paper examines the current fleet of vessels that can be used for inshore construction. Separate vessels are required for the ocean tow out and the offshore installation. Information will be provided on what new vessels might be required to improve the efficiency and reduce costs of installing floating wind turbines. Specialized cargo vessels are required for this initial mobilization. Anchor handling vessels are required to tow the floating wind turbine offshore and to install and connect the moorings. Subsea work vessels are required to install the dynamic cables whilst cable lay vessels are required for the export power cable. This paper reviews the existing and future installation vessel requirement for floating wind. Dedicated ports are required for vertical integration of the substructure and the tower, nacelle and blades.

Keywords: Floating wind, naval architecture, offshore installation vessels, ports for renewable energy.

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