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Proposal of a Virtual Reality Dynamism Augmentation Method for Sports Spectating

Authors: Clara Hertzog, Sho Sakurai, Koichi Hirota, Takuya Nojima


It is common to see graphics appearing on television while watching a sports game to provide information, but it is less common to see graphics specifically aiming to boost spectators’ dynamism perception. It is even less common to see such graphics designed especially for virtual reality (VR). However, it appears that even with simple dynamic graphics, it would be possible to improve VR sports spectators’ experience. So, in this research, we explain how graphics can be used in VR to improve the dynamism of a broadcasted sports game and we provide a simple example. This example consists in a white halo displayed around the video and blinking according to the game speed. We hope to increase people’s awareness about VR sports spectating and the possibilities this display offers through dynamic graphics.

Keywords: Broadcasting, graphics, sports spectating, virtual reality.

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