Exponential Stability of Linear Systems under a Class of Unbounded Perturbations
Commenced in January 2007
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Exponential Stability of Linear Systems under a Class of Unbounded Perturbations

Authors: Safae El Alaoui, Mohamed Ouzahra


In this work, we investigate the exponential stability of a linear system described by x˙ (t) = Ax(t) − ρBx(t). Here, A generates a semigroup S(t) on a Hilbert space, the operator B is supposed to be of Desch-Schappacher type, which makes the investigation more interesting in many applications. The case of Miyadera-Voigt perturbations is also considered. Sufficient conditions are formulated in terms of admissibility and observability inequalities and the approach is based on some energy estimates. Finally, the obtained results are applied to prove the uniform exponential stabilization of bilinear partial differential equations.

Keywords: Exponential stabilization, unbounded operator, Desch-Schappacher, Miyadera-Voigt operator.

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