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Synthesis of a Control System of a Deterministic Chaotic Process in the Class of Two-Parameter Structurally Stable Mappings

Authors: M. Beisenbi, A. Sagymbay, S. Beisembina, A. Satpayeva


In this paper, the problem of unstable and deterministic chaotic processes in control systems is considered. The synthesis of a control system in the class of two-parameter structurally stable mappings is demonstrated. This is realized via the gradient-velocity method of Lyapunov vector functions. It is shown that the gradient-velocity method of Lyapunov vector functions allows generating an aperiodic robust stable system with the desired characteristics. A simple solution to the problem of synthesis of control systems for unstable and deterministic chaotic processes is obtained. Moreover, it is applicable for complex systems.

Keywords: Control system synthesis, deterministic chaotic processes, Lyapunov vector function, robust stability, structurally stable mappings.

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