Microservices-Based Provisioning and Control of Network Services for Heterogeneous Networks
Commenced in January 2007
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Microservices-Based Provisioning and Control of Network Services for Heterogeneous Networks

Authors: Shameemraj M. Nadaf, Sipra Behera, Hemant K. Rath, Garima Mishra, Raja Mukhopadhyay, Sumanta Patro


Microservices architecture has been widely embraced for rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of complex applications. It enables organizations to evolve their technology stack in various domains. Today, the networking domain is flooded with plethora of devices and software solutions which address different functionalities ranging from elementary operations, viz., switching, routing, firewall etc., to complex analytics and insights based intelligent services. In this paper, we attempt to bring in the microservices based approach for agile and adaptive delivery of network services for any underlying networking technology. We discuss the life cycle management of each individual microservice and a distributed control approach with emphasis for dynamic provisioning, management, and orchestration in an automated fashion which can provide seamless operations in large scale networks. We have conducted validations of the system in lab testbed comprising of Traditional/Legacy and Software Defined Wireless Local Area networks.

Keywords: Microservices architecture, software defined wireless networks, traditional wireless networks, automation, orchestration, intelligent networks, network analytics, seamless management, single pane control, fine-grain control.

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