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Slime Mould Optimization Algorithms for Optimal Distributed Generation Integration in Distribution Electrical Network

Authors: F. Fissou Amigue, S. Ndjakomo Essiane, S. Pérabi Ngoffé, G. Abessolo Ondoa, G. Mengata Mengounou, T. P. Nna Nna


This document proposes a method for determining the optimal point of integration of distributed generation (DG) in distribution grid. Slime mould optimization is applied to determine best node in case of one and two injection point. Problem has been modeled as an optimization problem where the objective is to minimize joule loses and main constraint is to regulate voltage in each point. The proposed method has been implemented in MATLAB and applied in IEEE network 33 and 69 nodes. Comparing results obtained with other algorithms showed that slime mould optimization algorithms (SMOA) have the best reduction of power losses and good amelioration of voltage profile.

Keywords: Optimization, distributed generation, integration, slime mould algorithm.

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