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Investigating the Effect of VR, Time Study and Ergonomics on the Design of Industrial Workstations

Authors: Aydin Azizi, Poorya Ghafoorpoor Yazdi


This paper presents the review of the studies on the ergonomics, virtual reality, and work measurement (time study) at the industrial workstations because each of these three individual techniques can be used to improve the design of workstations and task position. The objective of this paper is to give an overall literature review that if there is any relation between these three different techniques. Therefore, it is so important to review the scientific studies to find a better and effective way for improving design of workstations. On the other hand, manufacturers found that instead of using one of the approaches, utilizing the combination of these individual techniques are more effective to reduce the cost and production time.

Keywords: Ergonomics, time study, virtual reality, workplace.

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