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Posture Stabilization of Kinematic Model of Differential Drive Robots via Lyapunov-Based Control Design

Authors: Li Jie, Zhang Wei


In this paper, the problem of posture stabilization for a kinematic model of differential drive robots is studied. A more complex model of the kinematics of differential drive robots is used for the design of stabilizing control. This model is formulated in terms of the physical parameters of the system such as the radius of the wheels, and velocity of the wheels are the control inputs of it. In this paper, the framework of Lyapunov-based control design has been used to solve posture stabilization problem for the comprehensive model of differential drive robots. The results of the simulations show that the devised controller successfully solves the posture regulation problem. Finally, robustness and performance of the controller have been studied under system parameter uncertainty.

Keywords: Nonlinear Control, Differential drive robots, Lyapunov-based control design, posture regulation

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