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Transmission Performance Analysis for Live Broadcasting over IPTV Service in Telemedicine Applications

Authors: Edward P. Guillen, Jenny K. Ubaque, Juan S. Solórzano, Leonardo J. Ramírez


The health care must be a right for people around the world, but in order to guarantee the access to all, it is necessary to overcome geographical barriers. Telemedicine take advantage of Information Communication Technologies to deploy health care services around the world. To achieve those goals, it is necessary to use existing last mile solution to create access for home users, which is why is necessary to establish the channel characteristics for those kinds of services. This paper presents an analysis of network performance of last mile solution for the use of IPTV broadcasting with the application of streaming for telemedicine apps.

Keywords: Telemedicine, IPTV, GPON, ADSL2+, coaxial, jumbogram

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