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Global Chaos Synchronization of Identical and Nonidentical Chaotic Systems Using Only Two Nonlinear Controllers

Authors: ISRAR AHMAD, Azizan Bin Saaban, Adyda Binti Ibrahim, Mohammad Shehzad


In chaos synchronization, the main goal is to design such controller(s) that synchronizes the states of master and slave system asymptotically globally. This paper studied and investigated the synchronization problem of two identical Chen, and identical Tigan chaotic systems and two non-identical Chen and Tigan chaotic systems using Non-linear active control algorithm. In this study, based on Lyapunov stability theory and using non-linear active control algorithm, it has been shown that the proposed schemes have excellent transient performance using only two nonlinear controllers and have shown analytically as well as graphically that synchronization is asymptotically globally stable.

Keywords: Synchronization, Lyapunov stability theory, Nonlinear Active Control, Chen and Tigan Chaotic systems

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