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Coupling Concept of two Parallel Research Codes for Two and Three Dimensional Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis

Authors: Luciano Garelli, Marco Schauer, Jorge D’Elia, Mario A. Storti, Sabine C. Langer


This paper discuss a coupling strategy of two different software packages to provide fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis. The basic idea is to combine the advantages of the two codes to create a powerful FSI solver for two and three dimensional analysis. The fluid part is computed by a program called PETSc-FEM a software developed at Centro de Investigaci´on de M´etodos Computacionales –CIMEC. The structural part of the coupled process is computed by the research code elementary Parallel Solver – (ELPASO) of the Technische Universit¨at Braunschweig, Institut f¨ur Konstruktionstechnik (IK).

Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), Finite Element Method (FEM).

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