Commenced in January 2007
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Exact Analysis of Resonance Frequencies of Simply Supported Cylindrical Shells

Authors: A. Farshidianfar, P. Oliazadeh, M. H. Farshidianfar


In order to study the free vibration of simply supported circular cylindrical shells; an analytical procedure is developed and discussed in detail. To identify its’ validity, the exact technique was applied to four different shell theories 1) Soedel, 2) Flugge, 3) Morley-Koiter, and 4) Donnell. The exact procedure was compared favorably with experimental results and those obtained using the numerical finite element method. A literature review reveals that beam functions are used extensively as an approximation for simply supported boundary conditions. The effects of this approximate method were also investigated on the natural frequencies by comparing results with those of the exact analysis.

Keywords: Circular Cylindrical Shell, Free Vibration, Natural Frequency.

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