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A Concept of Successful Collaborative Design towards Sustainability of Project Development

Authors: Yani Rahmawati, Nadjadji Anwar, Christiono Utomo


Development in construction industry is leading to involve complexities in engineering systems; whereas it also required to its sustainability towards social, environmental, and economical aspects. Experts with requisite background and expertise are involved in order to integrate knowledge in achieving whole criteria through design process. Collaborative design is needed in order to attain optimum design through shared solution and goal from experts. This study is conducted to explore issues and approaches development of collaborative design research in construction and its influence to sustainability of the development. Literature review method is used in order to conceptually figure future research direction of collaborative design research. This research is a part of beginning process in doctoral research program, and will be used to support dissertation’s conceptual definition.

Keywords: Design Process, Collaborative Design, multi-discipline design, sustainability of project development

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