Commenced in January 2007
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Filteristic Soft Lattice Implication Algebras

Authors: Yi Liu, Yang Xu


Applying the idea of soft set theory to lattice implication algebras, the novel concept of (implicative) filteristic soft lattice implication algebras which related to (implicative) filter(for short, (IF-)F-soft lattice implication algebras) are introduced. Basic properties of (IF-)F-soft lattice implication algebras are derived. Two kinds of fuzzy filters (i.e.(2, 2 _qk)((2, 2 _ qk))-fuzzy (implicative) filter) of L are introduced, which are generalizations of fuzzy (implicative) filters. Some characterizations for a soft set to be a (IF-)F-soft lattice implication algebra are provided. Analogously, this idea can be used in other types of filteristic lattice implication algebras (such as fantastic (positive implicative) filteristic soft lattice implication algebras).

Keywords: Soft set, (implicative) filteristic lattice implication algebras, fuzzy (implicative) filters, ((2, 2 _qk)) (2, 2 _ qk)-fuzzy(implicative) filters.

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