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A Comparative Study of Various Tone Mapping Methods

Authors: YasirSalih, AamirSaeed Malik, Wazirahbt.Md-Esa


In the recent years, high dynamic range imaging has gain popularity with the advancement in digital photography. In this contribution we present a subjective evaluation of various tone production and tone mapping techniques by a number of participants. Firstly, standard HDR images were used and the participants were asked to rate them based on a given rating scheme. After that, the participant was asked to rate HDR image generated using linear and nonlinear combination approach of multiple exposure images. The experimental results showed that linearly generated HDR images have better visualization than the nonlinear combined ones. In addition, Reinhard et al. and the exponential tone mapping operators have shown better results compared to logarithmic and the Garrett et al. tone mapping operators.

Keywords: tone mapping, high dynamic range, low dynamic range, bits per pixel.

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