Resistor-less Current-mode Universal Biquad Filter Using CCTAs and Grounded Capacitors
Commenced in January 2007
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Resistor-less Current-mode Universal Biquad Filter Using CCTAs and Grounded Capacitors

Authors: T. Thosdeekoraphat, S. Summart, C. Saetiaw, S. Santalunai, C. Thongsopa


This article presents a current-mode universal biquadratic filter. The proposed circuit can apparently provide standard functions of the biquad filter: low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, band-reject and all-pass functions. The circuit uses 4 current controlled transconductance amplifiers (CCTAs) and 2 grounded capacitors. In addition, the pole frequency and quality factor can be adjusted by electronic method by adjusting the bias currents of the CCTA. The proposed circuit uses only grounded capacitors without additional external resistors, the proposed circuit is considerably appropriate to further developing into an integrated circuit. The results of PSPICE simulation program are corresponding to the theoretical analysis.

Keywords: Resistor-less, Current-mode, Biquad filter, CCTA.

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